our senior pastor

Pastor Sarah Gardner came to America as a young woman from Italy. For 18 years she attended the Mormon Church, raised her three children, and became a successful businesswoman. From the outside, it appeared as though she had everything, but inside her life was falling apart.

In the midst of depression, suicidal thoughts crept into her mind and seemed to her to be the only option. One afternoon Sarah turned on the television and grabbed some sleeping pills, but moments before she was going to attempt to take her life, the 700 Club’s Pat Robertson said “I see a little mama who wants to end her life. Don’t do it!” That day she accepted Christ into her heart and immediately felt as though Jesus had replaced her misery with His love (watch the whole story).


It was out of this moment the bible study that started Life Christian Church was born.

Today, she continues to foster the apostolic gift by planting churches, equipping leaders and transforming lives.